Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine – IPPMed GmbH

IPPMed GmbH is an academic research institute based in Germany conducting clinical research with a focus on cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


microDimensions GmbH

microDimensions develops software solutions for the processing, analysis, and visualization of biomedical imagery.


Antepuls GmbH

Antepuls develops a ground breaking medical device for patients with peripheral arterial disease.


First Flow GmbH

FirstFlow is a medical solution provider for external counterpulsation. FirstFlow adopted the technology and developed patent-protected algorithms to make the technology more effective and safe.


Software for Trials Europe GmbH – s4trials

Software for Trials Europe is a provider for electronic data management solutions used in the conduct of clinical trials and registries.


Diabetes Agenda 2010 GmbH

Diabetes Agenda is a project management company conducting the largest Diabetes registry in Germany in collaboration with the Ulm University and a large network of motivated office based diabetologists.



The German Angiology CRO is a competent partner of universities, non-university institutions, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies in the implementation of scientific projects in angiology.